About Sinead

Sinead qualified with a Masters degree in Osteopath Medicine in 2013, she is a specialist in the treatment of the Pre and Post natal woman, and has undertaken extra training in order to treat Paediatrics.

Since then she has had the opportunity to work in multi displinary clinics along side Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, Sports therapists, Strength and conditioning coaches to name but a few. Having this experience of working within a team of healthcare professionals with such different expertise, means that Sinead has not only been able to refine her skills but is acutely aware if she thinks a patient is better suited to another healthcare professional. Therefore, she wastes no time in referring and trying to get the patient back to a 100 percent health. Sinead’s main ethos is to try and get every patient better and if it is not with her treatment she will do her best to refer you to someone that can immediately help.

Over the past 3 years Sinead has spent more time treating pregnant ladies and children, something which she has thoroughly enjoyed. She recently took a brief period off to have her own child. This has enhanced her knowledge, skills and empathy of the many encountered conditions of pregnancy and the new born baby.

Sinead has personal experience of osteopathic treatment during her pregnancy, and strongly believes in the positive effect it has. Naturally as the baby grows, weight distribution changes in the female body and baby will move position, which can also cause more stress on the mother. Sinead did experience some breathing and rib compression – as many woman do, but after osteopathic treatment from a colleague this was quickly resolved. Some woman do not realise that osteopathy can help, but remember pregnant ladies’ muscles, ligaments and tissues are so malleable because of the hormonal changes that treatment can be very effective. After this experience she is now even more passionate about helping other woman during their pregnancy and after. After baby has arrived, it is undeniable how weak you feel, she has worked hard to build strength and she has sought out the best rehabilitation for post natal woman. Interlinking this with regular osteopathic treatment has prevented injuries and made the journey back to full strength achievable in the shortest time.

Alongside her osteopathic treatment she is a fully qualified personal trainer specialising in post natal rehab, this enables her to confidently guide the new born mother in strengthening and conditioning workouts that are personal to each individual making it easier to regain full strength. Exercise rehab is employed with any patient that she feels is necessary, not just post natal woman.

Sinead has completed courses and training to learn more and treat more effectively the effects of birth interventions on baby, suckling and feeding problems for baby, gastro oesophageal reflux, colic and lower gastro-intestinal difficulties; because it is not only the mother that is effected by the labour it can also be quite traumatic for baby too.

Sinead has always had a passion for the holistic aspect of medicine, she wants to educate the patient as much on future and prevention care, then just simply giving them a quick fix. Her treatment approach is mainly structural, she does use cranial osteopathy in some cases. Ultimately her main goal in every treatment, is to help her patient understand their pain/injury/ dysfunction and provide them with the tools to successfully recover in the shortest time frame. Sinead believes that working together with the patient, giving them time to ask questions and understand why its happened? what it is? how long it usually takes to recover? is the best treatment approach to the fastest recovery.